Return to the path

We are an interesting animal species. At times we are capable of becoming miracle makers; but on other occasions we can be sources of turmoil, something like two legged tornadoes dispensing misery wherever we walk. Yet when we allow our inner essence to shine, any of us can become a lighthouse in the dark.

It could very well be that this option to wander above or below, left or right, is also practiced by animals and other beings, but since it is hard enough for me to make sense of my own behavior I will abstain to express opinions on what I do not understand.

Among the enormous possibilities available in the encyclopedia of options that human beings can choose from, it seems to me that somebody ripped off the chapter of Spirituality from our books. I believe that many of the problems that are affecting us could be easily solved if we awakened the ultimate option that always resides within our esence.

Conflicting situations such as corruption, unethical behavior, blind greed, hatred, discrimination, untamed sensuality; the wide-spread use of substances that turn us into idiots, murder, theft, selfishness and many other damaging options become the pestilent flowers of this dubious bouquet where our worse nightmares and fears can become real.

I am not sure if it is my age that has somehow deprived me of the capacity to observe matters coldly. More often I find myself in shock at the degree of evil some crimes are committed with; or at the wide-spread level of shameless political, grand-scale corruption and malevolence that seem to be spreading around the globe like a silent virus.

This spiritual cancer has slowly infected millions and millions with consequences far worse than any Hollywood horror movie has ever imagined so far. The damage is happening at our very core and the victims of this senseless brutality are those people and institutions that were considered as the strongholds that shaped our own societies.

Families, religion, schools and teachers, innocent children; honesty, dignity, kindness, forgiveness, humbleness now seem to be lost in the turmoil of this typhoon of human sickness that seems to be spiraling out of control in its putrid stench.

Maybe this is an effect of the enormous amount of human beings that exist on this planet today. Today we are around seven billion people, and many have chosen popular options, pursuing materialistic and sensual goals to exaggerated levels. Humanity’s blind stampede cannot end well and we are beginning to see its consequences.

On the other hand it is precisely during this dark storm that a spiritual guiding light can shine through. The sources of our wise ancestors guiding us clearly to an understanding of God are still intact and available to each of us. We are not abandoned and we are not alone or doomed. Furthermore, all we need to escape this madness is to open our eyes and to make the right choices. Here are a few examples:

The Holy Bible is full of these real life time stories or times of turmoil suffered by many. The main principles of Christians are Faith, Hope and Charity. Compassion, forgiveness, morality, humility, prayer and fasting lead to other virtues.

Judaism follows 13 principles of Faith: 1) God exists. 2) God is one and unique. 3) God is incorporeal. 4) God is eternal. 5) Prayer is to be directed to God alone. 6) The words of the Prophets are true. 7) Moses’ prophecies were true. 8) The Written Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) and the oral Torah (Talmud and oral traditions) were given to Moses. 9) There will be no other Torah. 10) God knows the thoughts and deeds of men. 11) God will reward the good and punish the evil. 12) The Messiah will come. 13) The dead will be resurrected.

Buddha preached a doctrine of suffering, its origin, cessation and path. There are many types of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama explains that he bases his teachings of compassion on Tibetan Buddhism or Nying Je which connotes encompasses the following: 1) Love. 2) Affection. 3) Kindness. 4) Gentleness of Spirit. 5) Warm Heartedness.

The Five Pillars of Islam are the following: 1) Faith, 2) Prayer, 3) Charity, 4) Fasting  5) Pilgrimage to Mecca.

The five principles of Hinduism are the following: 1) God exists 2) All human beings are divine. 3) Unity of existence happens through love. 4) Religious harmony. 5) Knowledge of their sacred river, script and mantra.

Where does the conflict among religions exist? Each of the main religions express a common path and goal based on benevolence. Cultural and territorial peculiarities exist on each religion but the message is always one of unity, guidance, compassion, generosity, harmony. Why do we have these wars that are blamed on religion?

Religions have nothing to do with the conflicts that exist these days. The reasons behind the existing turmoil are greed, political hidden agendas and blatant lies cowardly hiding under the veal of religion. I mention this because the turmoil that is affecting our planet seems to be based on the same wrong choices that many are following today.

The original sources of wisdom available to all are being pushed aside as mundane and empty options are followed. In the end, this lack of spiritual nourishment has led to an emotional and mental sickness that is creating frustration, anger and internal turmoil.

The day will come when our individual expiry date will reach us, when our bodies will cease to function as such. I believe that our true essence will continue shining far and beyond the limits of time and space. Today, however, we have a chance to shine in love as brightly as we can. If time is of no consequence, there is no urgency then to waste it on wrong choices.

Humanity’s wisdom is encompassed and available through internet almost everywhere around this planet. We are not alone but we are tiny branches of the limitless tree of God, reflections of His incomparable light; musical notes of His melody.

Perhaps the time to regain our sanity has arrived. All we need to do to clear up the mess is to decide firmly on behalf our highest goals and to finally return to the path.

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